Springville Field & Stream Club

Chaise Road, Springville, NY

Beverly & Joe Smith & Jimmy Schweickert take a break after stocking the club's Trout Pond.
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Art Arnold & Laureen Kaczmarek working hard? (Added 06/24/2010)

Bernie Young & Ron Schunke directing traffic in the rain. (Added 06/24/2010)

Bob Dzara getting insturctions on how to sell 50/50 tickets from Samantha Zifra. (Added 06/24/2010)

Duane Beeman & Jeff Kinon are taking orders. (Added 06/24/2010)

The kitchen & dining room help. (Added 06/24/2010)

Kevin Ploetz caught this chicken thief red handed. Good work Kev. (Added 06/24/2010)

These ladies just wanted to have their picture taken. (Added 06/24/2010)

Miss Zifra, Karl and Heidi. (Added 06/24/2010)

Take outs. (Added 06/24/2010)

Earl Biscup is taste testing the chicken. Everything OK Earl? Poor Brain Kaczmarek, no chicken for you. (Added 06/24/2010)

Chuck Cooper helped with the parking. (Added 06/25/2010)