Springville Field & Stream Club

Chaise Road, Springville, NY

Beverly & Joe Smith & Jimmy Schweickert take a break after stocking the club's Trout Pond.
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Address: Chaise Road Springville, NY
Mailing Address: PO Box 106 Springville, NY 14141-0106
Phone: 716-592-7941

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President: Rich Wells
1st Vice President: Dave Petrosewitz
2nd Vice President: Mike Slattery
Secretary: Cliff Jozwiak
Treasurer: Rich Zifra
Financial Secretary: Jim Jozwiak
Membership Secretary: Nick Wentz

Directors - One Year Term:

Director: Bob Dzara
Richard Kazmark
Jerry King
Kevin Ploetz
Jim Schweickert

Directors - Two Year Term:

Director-Two year Term: Dolph Bonenberger
Director: Joe Dashnaw
Tim Dashnaw
Bernie Young

Committee Chairmen:

Archery Range: Jim Orndorf
Archery Training: Jim Orndorff
Building & Grounds: Dutch Razey
Jim Schweickert
Bylaws Committee: Dick Kazmark
Cabin Rental: Bernie Young
Erie County Federation: Bob Dzara
Richard Kazmark
Kevin Ploetz
Fish Pond: Chuck Cooper
Mike Slattery
Hunter Training: Larry Ciszak
Rich Locwood
Kevin Ploetz
Political Group: Dick Kazmark
Kevin Ploetz
Shooting Range: Dan Blesy
Trap: Gary Klahn

Club Functions Chairmen:

Area Fishing Contest: Dan Myers
August Gun Raffle: Tim Dashnaw
Dave Petrosewitz
Calendars: Karl Ott
Chicken Barbeque: Dave Petrosewitz
Family Picnic/Camp Out: Jerry King
February Gun Raffle: Jim Jozwiak
Fish Pole Raffle: Darrel King
Game Diner: Dick Kazmark
Kids Fishing Contest: Darrel King
Ladies Night: Jason Engel
Senior Citizens' Day: Rich Lockwood
Rich Zifra
Woodchuck Hunt: Jerry King